Amazing! Wife Gives Husband Sexy Photos. When He Looks Closer, He Sees The Shocking Truth!

In the early days of her photography business, Victoria Caroline Haltom was hired by a woman who wanted a sexy boudoir photo shoot to spice things up with her husband. “She was a curvy, beautiful size 18,” Victoria writes on Facebook. While Victoria thought the woman looked gorgeous already, the woman asked her to to apply heavy Photoshopping on the images to erase all cellulite, stretch marks, blemishes and wrinkles.
Victoria heeded her client’s wishes. “I turned her into the epitome of what every woman dreams of being,” she regretfully says. After Christmas, Victoria received an unexpected email from the woman’s husband — an email that left a lasting impact on the photographer for months to come.
Now, Victoria is sharing the husband’s email on Facebook in the hopes it will help relieve us of our high standards of beauty. “I encourage you to think twice about how much ‘altering’ we do,” she says. “Our loved ones cherish and adore us just as we are…I encourage you to embrace YOU just as you are…YOU ARE SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL!!!!”